After update to version 1.20 on iPad 2018 , the call disconnected every 5 seconds


after update to version 1.20 on iPad 2018 , When join meeting room it disconnected every 5 seconds.

but running jitsi app on iPhone not found any problems


Can you give us some more details? Does it happen on or your own deployment? Can you reproduce the same on the iPhone, running the same version?


many thank for your renponse.

when I use server, I still got problems but it take approximately 30 - 60 seconds before the call disconnected.

my iPad (iPad 2018) is wifi version ( no cellular). but when I test with another one ( iPad air 2 : wifi and cellular) there was no any problem.

both of my iPad running on iOS version 12.0.1

and I have test on my iPhoneX , There was no any problem ( both on meet.jit,si and my deployment server )

my server is running ubuntu 18.04 on physical server (Dell powerEdge R710 , 8GB memory )


Hum. @Pawel_Domas any ideas?