After update, entering room fails with "Unfortunately, something went wrong" (`Focus error`)

After upgrading to jitsi-meet from 2.0.6433-1 to 2.0.6726-1 (and jicofo 1.0-813-1 to 1.0-832-1 and jitsi-prosody 1.0.5415-1 1.0.5675-1 and jitsi-videobridge from 2.1-570-gb802be83-1 to 2.1-595-g3637fda4-1), joining a room always fails with the following JS console error:

2021-12-13T21:14:44.167Z [modules/xmpp/moderator.js] <7273/Ls.prototype.setFocusUserJid>: Focus jid set to: undefined Logger.js:154:22
2021-12-13T21:14:44.167Z [modules/xmpp/moderator.js] <7273/Ls.prototype.createConferenceIq>: Session ID: null machine UID: 79bf704a9f8636b182f9ddc68b1c451a Logger.js:154:22
2021-12-13T21:14:44.277Z [JitsiMeetJS.js] : UnhandledError: Focus error, retry after 2000 Script: null Line: null Column: null StackTrace: 7273/Ls.prototype._allocateConferenceFocusError@hxxps://

Entering the preview view works as expected, only entering the room fails.

No errors are logged to either of prosody.log, syslog, jicofo.log or jvb.log.

In prosody.log, the following is logged when trying to enter a room:

Dec 13 23:39:25 mod_bosh info New BOSH session, assigned it sid ‘a052ed6d-b996-487c-9205-95cca69707e7’
Dec 13 23:39:25 bosha052ed6d-b996-487c-9205-95cca69707e7 info Authenticated as

Any idea what could be the problem or how to further debug? Thanks in advance for any hints :slight_smile:

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You can turn on prosody debug and see for any hints when the initial conference iq is sent, the one getting the error.

Thanks to the help of @damencho and bgrozev we were able to track down the issue to an issue with our ansible role. The prosody focus user was missing the focus.DOMAIN entity. Thanks a lot!

See After update, entering room fails with "Unfortunately, something went wrong" (`Focus error`) · Issue #849 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub for further details.