After securing Jitsi, keeps asking for user/pass and guests are told meeting hasn't started

Problem: after securing jitsi (as below) the browser asks for the username/password after I click ‘I am the host’. After typing it in correctly, I see ‘Connecting’ and something about a session id and then the user/password dialog remains on screen. If I refresh the browser, ‘I’m in’, but any other participants are still faced with the ‘Waiting for the host’ prompt.

I’m using an OpenVZ 7 server on flipperhost with Ubuntu 16.04 (I’ve tried with 18 as well).
I’ve had to jump through a number of hoops to the basic install to work:

purged apache2
installed a letsencrypt certificate for the machine (only thing on the machine is jitsi; host and certificate match and work)
added prosody to apt repository (the default version being installed was 9.10?)

After getting jitsi-meet installed it appears to work correctly. On the install prosody 11.6 gets installed.

To secure it, I used this guide: [](http://Sysadmin journal’s Securing Jitsi). I used their guide for the install after presetting prosody 11.6 to install (or something newer than 9.10).

I added the referenced guide’s directions to the prosody config, the jitsi/meet config and their edits to

I then added a user using prosodyctl.
prosodyctl register MYUSER at PASSWORD
Interestingly, I can type this line again and again (the prosodyctl line) and no error seems to be generated.

I set up another machine on DigitalOcean following these instructions and that machine works perfectly.

Where do I look in the logs for info to help you experts? Nothing is jumping out, but maybe I’m looking at the wrong logs.



I’ve restarted and rebooted the server (a lot as if anything would change).