After research

After research and talking to people who have been there and done it.
I found that you have to use a Dedicated server, not a VPS because it will just crash on a VPS.
I will be getting my jitsi meet installed for me and I said to them get rid of the google calendar rubbish because people think they have to install something and being a Dev myself, you find people don’t know how to use your software so the last thing I want is an extension popup in my jitsi chatrooms.
I tested it out with the demo with 20 people using just there phones and the popup extension put most of them off.
As I have said to 8x8 and on here, the security is not being addressed as much as it should.
I use to make chat clients and the first thing I did was do the admin panel for the room owner using a simple but most affecting method of whitelists.
one white list for the room for users and one for Mods and all it is, is a simple text document.
just a few lines of code would stop people breaking into a room and playing porn or something.
I know I keep banging on about this but I keep thinking the devs a not addressing a simple but a great way to lock down a room. If your names not down your not coming in lol
It is becoming popular for kids or idiots to gate crash a room and mess it all up kicking people out and terrorising the rooms, just have a look on youtube and you will see what I mean.

If I am missing something out that I don’t know about then correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance and I hope your all well.
Take good care and God bless.

That may simply not be true. Servers crash because of not having enough resources, but not because they being “virtual” or “bare metal”.

If your definition of VPS is “a server which only has 1GB of RAM”, then yes, of course, you should not use a VPS (according to such definition). However, nowhere is written that “VPS” implies a low amount of memory or a low number of vCPUs. There are VPS of all sizes, big and small.

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I agree totally, it was something I was told while researching because im doing a startup.
For my server I got:

Memory: DDR3 1333Mhz, ECC Registered not to impressed with the ram.
32GB - 2ch (included)
Storage Bays 1 & 2: 2.5" SSD
2x 250GB Samsung 860 EVO [98K/90K random IOPS (4KB,QD32); 550/520 MBps (R/W); TBW: 150TB
RAID Configuration
RAID1 mirrored volume
Debian 10
SLA for Software
Standard SLA for Software
Extra IPv4
Unlimited Traffic per 100Mbit/s
0 x 100Mbit unlimited Traffic
Extra bandwidth per 1TB
0 x 1TB extra bandwidth

And trust me its not cheap lol but this is what I was advised by a company who has already done it.
I am hoping to get a lot of users so I put a bit more money into it.Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:)
I do still feel that the admin panel could be better with my suggestions on whitelisting because of the trolling, I also have left lots of messages with the devs about it on 8x8 so i am hoping my idea at least gets a look by the devs because security is the most important thing.

Many thanks :slight_smile: