After lock the room, the transcriber cannot join any more

I’m using embed Jitsi Meet embed on my web app.

Now, the transcriber works perfectly with the CC button. However, when invite/dial ‘jitsi_meet_transcribe’, the transcriber joins the room but not working and after about 10 seconds, it leaves.

In my case, I need the meeting starts with both the transcriber and the password.

I’m able to use API to set the password, but not sure how to do that for the transcriber.

The main problem is, after setting the password, the transcriber cannot be invited into the room any more. So I cannot tell my users to click the CC button manually. The transcriber must be invited before setting the password.

So you can make transcribers use username & password to connect:
This way transcribers will be authenticated having the same username every-time and you can add a custom prosody module to allow those jids. Something like this: Persistent Passwords on Self Hosted Rooms (the mod_whitelist_jicofo.lua part)

Thanks @damencho.

As I understand, your solution will allow a specific user to join any locked room, right?

Is there a way to invite the transcriber through API? I don’t want to do it manually every time.


This is a solution that will allow only transcribers to bypass password automatically.

Sorry to bother you again, but I can’t get the event “muc-occupant-pre-join”.

Which prosody are you using, some of the events are missing in 0.10

You’ll need to upgrade Prosody to 0.11.2+ for these events to be fired.