After jitsi meet upgrade - no call icon


after upgrading jitsi meet on my ubuntu 18.04 server there is no “+” icon to call out or to dial a number.
The SIP Client / jigasi does connect and I can successfull call in the default room “siptest”.
How i can activate this “+” icon?

Same problem here (Ubuntu 18.04)… I had to downgrade by restoring a vm snapshot in order to keep sip call function running…

I have found a solution.
After each server reboot jigasi does not work. I‘ve to restart the jigasi service „service jigasi restart“
After that i can call the SIP number of my server but there was no + Icon to call other telephone members.

To activate this icon you musst restart jicofo -> service jicofo restart

—> Look at the jicofo Logs. In my case there was an error that jicofo could not connect to „callcontrol“

That worked for me.

I will try later, now the server is in use and I cannot upgrade.

I also have the problem with have to restart jigasi every time I reboot the server because at the first boot jigasi does not register with my asterisk.

Thank you jammin

Same problem(Ubuntu 18.04) with new install.