After instalation server only see jitsi start page then no audio no webcam and loose connection

I have installed the jitsi server on ubuntu 19.04

When i put
I can only see the start page,
I put the new name of conversation.

Then cant enable audio and webcam. And sometimes connection goes down.
I see the button Rejoin now.

Where is the problem ?

Please help me.


i used the orinal tutorial. still dont have audio and webcam. :frowning:

When i connect from lan from other computers i have the same situation.

after some minutes i have disconnect.

I have checked it on 3 computers to install the server jitsi. On every computer, i have the same situation.

I have the same problem when i use the wrong hostname to access jitsi.
My servers has 2 hostnames and only one works. Also not with the Server IP.

Can you try to use your hostname instead of the IP.

Like what?

I try https://localhost


Still no audio no video
and evry some minutes connection down.

Can anybody help?

I trying to run jitsi in my LAN.

Still have the problem with no audio and no video in each computer.

Ubuntu 18.04LTS

Can anybody help ?

i have the same problem.
The android app from google play store does work except for the disconnects after about 20 seconds.