After forwarding through nat, the function is abnormal!

Hello, everyone
When I deployed, I changed the 443 port to 3443 and 80 to 8888
The ports I am forwarding are 3443/tcp 8888/tcp 10000/udp 3478/udp 5349/tcp
It is normal for me to access the intranet. When I forward it through the router nat, I cannot see the video on the external network, nor can I share the video, etc. Why is this?

Did it work with 3 external participants before you changed the ports?

3 external participants refer to?

A meeting with 3 participants joining from the external network…

Everything is normal before forwarding, and it is normal for 3 or more people to join the meeting! The problem now is that the video and audio of the other party cannot be seen on the external network after being forwarded through nat!

I’m confused.

Did the issue start when you changed the default ports or after the port forwarding?

After forwarding, it is normal for multiple parties to access the conference on the intranet after changing the default port!

If I understood correctly, your setup never worked for external participants. Even before changing ports too… Right?

Yes, because the 443 port of the router cannot be used, only after changing the default port can it be forwarded on the router!

can you share /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

What is your distro? Is uwf enabled?

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can you share /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

What is your distro? Is uwf enabled?

thanks,I find the cause of problem.The main reason is that the input mode used for the punctuation of an IP address in the file is different![