After enabling TURN strange behaviour - Solved


Running Jitsi via docker and have coturn setup on a separate box.

  1. one thing i am trying to work out if its working as intended is if a user can connect on udp 10000 to the jvb will it try and talk to the coturn server at as well? for some reason i see the users connecting to the coturn server but i dont think they should be.

  2. When i enable the useStunTurnin the configs for p2p it seems p2p stops working and everything is forced to the jvb. is that intended?

reason i am asking is i am seeing strange behavior where someones some people can see people join and some people join but cant see all the other people already there but only some.



Have done more testing.

Using Chrome connecting to a jitsi meet instance with udp 10000 open:

When i start up 3 tabs all connected the first tap will only see the second user and the second tab will see all three and the third tab will sometimes see all three and sometimes only see two.

When i disable useStunTurn it all works as expected… anyone know where i should be looking? i feel i am very close.

it also looks like FF is working correctly while Chrome is the one playing up…

Found my solution i believe. I didnt put my stun server in correctly for the turnserver module in the prosody config. #awkward. I thought it would use the one in the web config.js but that doesnt seem to be the case which make sense when you think about it.

Hi @SimmyD,
I also need to run Jitsi Docker ( from but I also want to use CoTURN service so student who use internet behind school firewall can still benefited from our self-deployed Jitsi. How the best step to do this, brother? Love to see your detailed solution, bro.

Thank you and stay health,