After customization how i can deploy to server?

Hi guys.
Thank for your awesome P2P video system.

I cloned repository and up on locally with

make dev

and customization for my need (only web interface).

How I can build and upload my custom source to my ubuntu server?

Thank you

On your dev machine i would add a file called

This file is executed when the make dev build is finished and should contain all actions required to deploy to your server.

In your case I would add commands to use ssh and scp to
to upload the built jitsi-meet webinterface from the libs and css folder to your ubuntu server.

By adding your dev machines public key to your ubuntu servers
allows you to secure copy the files from your dev machine to your server using scp without prompting for password.

First I must fresh install from quick install guide to remote server?

after that replace files ?

After following the quick install guide you need to replace all the files in

Alternatively you can upload the entire jitsi-meet foler to your server and change the apache/nginx root configuration
to use your uploaded folder instead of the /usr/share/jitsi-meet folder


About alternatively:

I must copy my customized project from local to copy apache folder where my web site its all? Not run make command. My customized project will work on apache?

You always need to run the make command to build the new interface.

After the make build is complete you upload all the built files to your server.

Apache is configured so that the end user get the static jitsi-meet javascript configuration files, javascript libs, css, images and so on when the end users web-browser access the webpage.

And how to obtain the file
What data has to be there?

I get a black screen after replacing all files in /usr/share/jitsi-meet/libs