After configuring the .env file for jwt authentication, do I have to do anything else? (Docker)

I confiured the .env file and restarted the server. However I can still join a room w/o a jwt token in the url. I want to know what else I did missing. Someone said I should install the jwt token prosody plugin but in the Docker guide only .env configuration seems enough. I am a bit lost. TY

you need to rebuild the containers, not just restart them.

But ıf I change anythıng else, for example ıf I change the port ın the .env fıle, then the applıcatıon sees thıs change. So do I stıll need to rebuıld?

why don’t you just try it, then you’ll see if you do or don’t…

Okay. Do docker-compose down and up do it?

just try docker-compose up -d --build that should definitely pick up any changes in the .env
Might be too much though.

What do you mean might be too much :smiley: Would it break anything

what should it break? as long as all your configuration is in the .env and docker-compose, it can’t break anything.
If you’re that unsure about how docker-compose and jitsi work, just use a testing environment and try everything after doing backups… and read about docker-compose

Alirght. Then what didd you mean by it can be too much?

you probably don’t need “–build” to pick up your changes to .env