Aerobic and Dance Classes

Is anyone else wanting to use Jitsi for on line live dance and Aerobic classes, or other similar events where it really helps if music and video are in good sync.
I have set up a number of instructors with Zoom and it is pretty good but far from perfect.
Very interested to hear thoughts and experiences.

Hi. I’m trying to set up something like that for my wife and her friends.
Issues I’m trying to solve are:
Latency: which I’m looking to solve by running an instance in a cloud provider in our city (most of the instructors and students are in the same city).
Audiosync: Zoom tries to speed up audio when packets are lost. I believe jitsi works different, but haven’t been able to understand it well. I am trying to improve this by selecting a proper server instance and by ensuring proper bandwidth for the server, instructor and key students. Probably codec selection or encoding algorithm might be other ways to working it out.
For two way interaction, as when a piano instructor gives lessons to a singer, I’m running with other issues as WebRTC tries to setup a one to one connection, which is good, but I have no idea how to handle full duplex audio.