Advice needed for client/server communication


During the “Winning over the classroom with Jitsi” hackathon, our team made a feature to add polls to Jitsi. Because of the time constraint, we quickly decided to use the JitsiConference.sendCommandOnce function from lib-jitsi-meet to send messages between clients. However, we would now like to improve on this design, and in particular, we would like to add persistence to our feature, and we are wondering what the best method would be for implementing our communication protocol.

We outline a few possibilities we’ve found and what we’ve already done in this comment on our PR: feat(polls) Ability to create polls inside Jitsi by jade-guiton · Pull Request #9166 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

What would be the cleanest way to implement client/client communication with persistence in Jitsi?

Thank you.

You can build your own REST api server and combine REST api ajax
with JitsiConference.sendCommandOnce.

Our goal is to have this feature merged and integrated into Jitsi proper, so I don’t think building a separate custom API server is doable in our case.

We continued the discussion in the PR … thanks for that.