Advantages of personal Jitsi Meet server




We are on training period and we have to install personal Jitsi Meet server for the company. We have to explain to director what are advantages of the personnel Jitsi Meet server compared online Jitsi Meet.

In your opinion what are advantages ?

Alexis M.



May be these (not necessarily in order of importance):

  • Possibility of shaping your infrastructure based on your needs
  • Custom conference configuration (codecs, bandwidths, quality …)
  • Private authentication system (CAS, LDAP, JWT …), access control
  • Geographic JVB implantations
  • Private fail over solutions and High Availability solutions
  • Control over QoS (for internal part)
  • May be custom development and special needs (dashboards, management, statistics)
  • Private jigasi / PABX instance, ongoing outgoing calls. Private SIP numbers etc…

Hope this is useful,


Oh thank you very much !
We understand better