Advanced Breakouts - Intercom & fancy topologies

Hi all,
Curious about the feasibility of implementing some advanced breakout room features.

Imagine Participants and Staff/Facilitator
The participants are broken up into pairs, these are 1on1 connections

  • The Facilitator can see / hear all conversations, with volume modulation
  • The Facilitator can make intercom voice announcements to all the participants.
  • The Facilitator can join 1on1 participant convos (making triads)
  • The Facilitator can still do intercom announcements and hear everything from triad

I see Twilio has the option to create rules that determine what streams get sent to what users with Track Subscriptions

With only Jitsi client code, maybe something similar is doable…
Something like this might be achievable where the facilitator is in multiple rooms at once, although I don’t think that the iframe api (/jitsi-meet/blob/master/doc/ allows setting volume at a participant level

Some similar discussions:
Post: Custom logic to conferences control points to Jicofo

Maybe you could contribute this information to the reported issue on the bug tracker requesting the breakout rooms feature.