Administrators in Jitsi Meet Calls

Dear Developers,
a very often requested thing in this forum, is that you may could include something like an administrator role to jitsi meet. Just these admins (Moderators/Speakers/…) should be allowed to kick and mute other users. If you work with childrens, its often not good possible to work with Jitsi Meet, because they kick or mute each other.
In addition, only administrators should be able to change the password of a room. I really really hope you can implement this feature. Many users of the community would love that feature! Maybe you can also make two modes, one like it is now, and one with the administrator role. I would love this, because it is not possible for everyone to host jitsi on an own Server. Thank You
Greets, BKO :grinning:

Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile: and if you have questions what i mean, ask!


And… maybe just this Administrator/Moderator/Speaker/whatever role, should have to allow if someone would make a rekord. (And the role could may be abled to delete Textmessages of other users.)

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I also think this would be really nice @Developers!

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I am quite fond on having this feature implemented, since even with adults, they can experiment and mute each other or kick out each other unconciously.

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