Administrator roles using 8x8 authentification

Hi Team, First i would like to say thanks for this wonderfull experience.

we are working with JITSI external API - iframe.

we have created 20 account for 20 teacher. we played with config function and everything seem’s to working fine.

The perfection for us will be a solution to connect teachers automatically with their 8x8 account to have access to moderator roles like (Muteall,kick and the possibility to record).

We’ve created a solution to mute everyone by api.executeCommand(‘sendEndpointTextMessage’, ‘’, ‘mute’);
and a handler in the other side.

  • We were enable to launch a record by
    api.executeCommand(‘startRecording’, {mode: ‘file’,});
    due to permissions restrictions (Warning(Yellow) Message prompt).

  • The kick function doesn’t appear

The question is there is a solution to connect automatically teacher with their existant account 8x8 ?

Then the teacher will have the moderator roles.

it’s my first post, Kind regards.

Any one who can help please :grinning: ?

There is a way to achieve this and use the 8x8 authentication, for more information write to,

Hi, received, thanks for your reactivity.