Administrator account and Room List

I love Jitsi, and self-hosting is amazing, and you’ve made the setup soooo much easier, thank you.

I would like however to be able to see which rooms are in use at any given time on my server. Maybe this exists and I just don’t know how to see it. But if not, an administrator view of that would be great.

Something simple like

Room Name Number of Users
dev-central 4
ergo/marketing-update 7
ergo/sales-enablement 3

Not asking for control or anything, just would like to know usage.


I guess it could be possible with a Lua/Prosody plugin that saves data on creation/disposal of each chat room. I could also be interested in such a solution.

This should be very good option. Jitsi is awesome software, but it’s lack of monitoring (dashboard) that usually go to some privileged account.