Admin closed a room


What would be the setting to use so that when the administrator closes the room (hangs up), it closes the meeting and users cannot return?

Thank you

take a look at this post, the second module can be used outside of the token context and will give you something of the functionality you are searching for.

or if you use iframe, when admin leaves call: api.dispose();


I am with my own server in docker.
The room admin connects with an admin login for the moment.

I tried to set up the post 79962 but that does not give anything more.

Obviously the 2 modules are compulsory, aren’t they?

Thank you
(I am more comfortable in French)

if you mean that the 2 modules can’t work independently, I already stated that it’s not the case.
I had forgotten that I had to modify the module to remove the prejoin hook though :-/. Sorry about that. Except this small detail, it shiould work as advertised without the JWT context, even under Docker.