Admin as the manager

hi ,
when adding other participants (on my pc) , they get the “admin right” as me .
meaning they can for example to kick me out .
can we fix it ?

Are you meeting on or on your own installation?

hi ,
i hope i’m in the correect group , my question is , when i’m start a meeting here :
i can invite poepols to the meeting but they have the same “right” as me which i suposed to be the meeting leader .
thank you

This is NOT the right group as you are not deploying your own instance.

That being said, I will quickly answer your question. The instance does not have the moderator function enabled as it is a public service. Everyone has the same “rights” on that instance.

To have admin rights, you need to deploy your own jitsi server and enable secure domain.
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

i got my answer.
thank you very much.