Adjust volume levels via javascript

I’m having exactly the same. Although I have successfully implement the entire zoom-like translations feature. These two are my problems. No browser running in iOS is capable of handling individual audio levels for participants.

Any news on this?

I have received reports of some iPhone users successfully using the system, but I have no additional information that would be helpful (like what versions and specific browsers they are using). I suspect it works better on more modern versions and fails on older versions.

Also for the record - there is no longer any need to apply patches - the pull request has been incorporqated into Jitsi Meet core.

I tested with latest stable but Ipad and Iphone ( Safari & Chrome) still have problems. Anyone had tested on IPAD successfully?

Did you find any solution to this as mentioned in

Any pointers will be helpful.

Does this mean the interpreting features can now be used in Jitisi and JaaS (8x8)?

No, it only works if you install an iframe wrapped version of your jitsi meet application. See May First Movement Techology / jsi · GitLab for instructions.

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Unfortunately iOS still can not be used due to blocking of volume control using JavaScript by Apple.
See this post