Adjust resolution


it seems I’m missing something. I have installed jitsi “out-of-the-box”, everything left to defaults.

When a user changes the video quality setting in the client, this has absolutely no effect on the bandwidth. Also, the “icon” always says “HD”. Do I have to configure something? I found the section video:/resolution: in config.js. Assuming that what is given in comments there, are the defaults, it should be possible to adjust values between 240 and 720.


Worked for me (in xxxx-config.js):

// Sets the preferred resolution (height) for local video. Defaults to 720.


// w3c spec-compliant video constraints to use for video capture. Currently
// used by browsers that return true from lib-jitsi-meet's
// util#browser#usesNewGumFlow. The constraints are independency from
// this config's resolution value. Defaults to requesting an ideal aspect
// ratio of 16:9 with an ideal resolution of 720.
 constraints: {
     video: {
         aspectRatio: 16 / 9,
         height: {
             ideal: 360,
             max: 360,
             min: 240
        frameRate: {
           max: 15
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Thanks, but I can still not see any influence of the resolution setting on the bandwidth.