Additional password to the regular authentication and prevent everyone from being moderator


I have a selfhosted Jitsi setup, which uses Wordpress authentication. This works fine. I have enabled the Guest virtual host and set this to internal_plain. I don’t want guests to be able to enter without entering the Wordpress credentials. Everyone has to use the Wordpress credentials.

Now I have two issues with this setup.

  1. Everyone with Wordpress credentials can create rooms.
  2. Everyone starts as a moderator.

I would like

  1. An additional password to create rooms. Perhaps, maybe I can enable the “I am the host” window, which we see when we set the guest VirtualHost to anonymous and then somehow hook it, requesting a password? It can even be in JavaScript, just to prevent some regular users from creating a room. This will still be secure enough as the Wordpress authentication works fine.
  2. Either create a white list of users that are moderators (preferred) or set it that only the creator is moderator.

I have tried the restrict_room_creation option, but can’t manage or don’t know how to set a whitelist of users. When logging in using the Wordpress username, the user is logged in as $username@$FQDN. Adding this address to the admins in the lua config file doesn’t help and I still have the issue of everyone starting as moderator when entering a room.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!