Adding simple button to conference room

Hi I have a simple install of jitsi-meet on a ubuntu server, I want to add one html button to my jitsi installation.

The button needs to appear on the home screen as well as the conference room.

The home screen part was easy. I just went into to /usr/shared/jitsi-meet/index.html and added a custom div with my button in it. Then I added a script tag and linked a function to that button. all simple.

But when I start a conference a new page is loaded and the button disappears.

Can I get the path to this newly loaded page, so that I can edit its html?
Or if its generated, can I get the path to the code that generates it? so that I can modify it to include my custom html code everything a new conference room is created.


Check the CSS “z-index” of your button. It’s likely there but hidden behind the rest of the meeting room content. (The home page and meeting page both use index.htmll)

Use Chrome developer tools to find & inspect your button. It will highlight where it is on the page, even if it’s hidden. Set the “z-index” to 100 and it should appear.

By the way, I would put your stuff in body.html or one of the other files that get dynamically added into index.html (using server-side includes / ssi). It will be cleaner that way.

you my friend are a legend. it is working thanks a lot.