Adding password to a meeting room

I have noticed that recently there is a separate security option for adding a password to a meeting rather than being able to add one when copying the meeting information to share with someone else. It looks like you need to first share the meeting room without the password, and then separately share the password Is there any way to include the password in the email you send to another person without having to go back to the meeting, copying the password separately, and then adding it to the email separately?

I have used just a few times, but my solution is the following: You set the password in yourself. Therefore you could send a random password (which you invent) together with the original email in which you invite other participants. When you open the meeting (preferably a few minutes before others start) you set in exactly the password which you have chosen when you sent out the email. Everyone who joins after you will need to password to enter the meeting room.

I hope it is clear what I mean.

Thanks for the tip Good suggestion.

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