Adding native modules to jtisi meet that can be accessed from react native

Hello I’m a college student working on a custom UI for an app using Jitsi Meet and I had trouble with the chat input as the keyboard would push up everything (including the video and the top bar which contains room name etc. ) . So what I did was keep the chat in a SlidingView with a transparent background and handle the pushing up of the component using Animate.View and keyboard events to get the endcoordinates of the keyboard so I know where to push it up to. Now a problem I’m having with this is that the event height i get from the keyboard event listener doesn’t account for android bottom soft keys - so on phones which use gestures (so there are no soft keys at the bottom now) the keyboard height as padding will be too less. So what I wanna do is use a native package to find whether the device has those android bottom virtual navigation buttons or not but I’m not sure where to add this package? Because usually with react native projects the file has a getPackages() method with returns an array of ReactPackage but I can’t seem to find that in the jitsi project since it has jitsi sdk code in it as well. Could you give me some pointers on how to add my own java files which can be accessible from react native as a Native Module .

Hey @Vinay_S did you get any solution for this?