Adding login for users does not work if server accessed with ip-address

I am running jitsi on ubuntu server 18.04 installed from jitsi stable repository.

I successfully added authentication for users when accessing jitsi meet by using the servers domain name.
But the problem is that if I access the server by its ip-address prosody authentication does not work and I can access the meeting without authentication.

I guess that there is some additional configuration that needs to be added, but i cant find any documentation for this anywhere.

Help would be appreciated.


If u followed “secure domain” instructions for authentication,the registered user are only for creating rooms. not for entering a already created room.if moderator(room creator) just add a password to that room then other normal user wont be able to access that room without the password.
I also experienced the problems(after only one login of moderator anyone in that server can now create room) after doing upper instruction but thge thing is browser cache the session… so I tried it from 2 different browser tab (even 2 incognito tab didnt work,in the 2nd incognito window it doesnt ask for authentication as I authenticated in 1st window as same browser may b) and it worked fine as expected.
if u already solved the problem plz also tell me is there any way also to register for the normal users. means moderators (after registered) have power to create room and normal user (already registered) will only able to enter the room and no outsider (without reg) wouldnt be able to join/create any room.

My problem was that i wanted to add some kind of basic authentication to the site so no one could start a meeting without username and password.
What happened was that the login only worked with the hosts name and not the when the ip-adress was used.
Maybe i followed the wrong installation instruction, because when i reinstalled using nginx it now seems to work.

So in my scenario a user has to login to connect or create a meeting. If the meeting created requires a password, the users connecting now has to login (basic authentication) and then give the meeting password.

The whole idea is to limit use of our server to people with access.

I’m afraid this does not answer your question.


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thanx for your reply… yes thats not the solve and I found out that hierarchy of authentication (for moderator with room creation/joining power and for participent with room entering power) isnt implemented. If I want so,I will have to do it in my way. whether I have to authenticate only moderator or I have to authenticate both moderator and participent in a same way .but not possible to differenciate between moderator and participant before room creation.