Adding Jigasi to Maven repo


Can we have jigasi and its platform specific artifacts in the jitsi-maven-repository Maven repo, similar to what we do for the videobridge please?


We can do that. I will try checking it out later this week.


I’m looking forward to having them in. :slight_smile: I’m experimenting a little with a local repository, and found that the current zip files that include the native binaries also include all project dependencies. Although these zip files are convenient to have (for other purposes), I don’t think it’d be wise to add them as-is to the maven repository: they are pretty large, as they contain a lot of binary artifacts that can be resolved through Maven anyway. Instead, archives with only the native binaries should be added to the repository.


Shouldn’t we just upload the jar artifact(jigasi.jar), as we do for jvb?


I’d like to have the jar artifact of the project itself, but also an artifact for each of the native files. That’s also what we do for videobridge:

Locally, I did this to install the project artifact itself in my local repository:

$ mvn install

But I also need the natives (which is very similar to JVB, which also ships natives):

$ mvn install -Dassembly.skipAssembly=false
$ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=target/ \
    -DgroupId=org.jitsi -DartifactId=jigasi -Dversion=1.1-SNAPSHOT \
    -Dclassifier=native-linux-32 -Dpackaging=zip
$ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=target/ \
    -DgroupId=org.jitsi -DartifactId=jigasi -Dversion=1.1-SNAPSHOT \
    -Dclassifier=native-linux-64 -Dpackaging=zip
$ mvn install:install-file -Dfile=target/ \
    -DgroupId=org.jitsi -DartifactId=jigasi -Dversion=1.1-SNAPSHOT \
    -Dclassifier=native-macosx -Dpackaging=zip

The above works. There is one big downside: the zip files that I’m attaching here are a platform-specific archive that includes the entire project (+dependencies), not just the natives. Such an archive is very convenient for manual distribution purposes, but it’s not really convenient to add the entire thing to a maven repository. Instead, we should prefer smaller zip files that include only the native binaries.


@Guus_der_Kinderen Once we merge this: those artifacts should be available in the maven repo.


Thanks for merging.