Adding H263 support


Hi All

Im struggling to find information on how to add H263 support within Jitisi, best i can tell is that it is in a plugin libjitsi. The problem I face is there isnt info on how to integrate the plugin within Jitisi and im abit of a noob when it comes to Video Conferencing. Please assist or point me in the right direction

Thanks in advance


Is there a reason to add those. It is a very complex task, you need to recompile ffmpeg ( with enabling h263 (for the OS you will use), and then enable it in libjitsi.


Yes i do need too as im trying to integrate some of our video conferencing equipment and it seem to only use H263


Yep, you need the steps above. Recompile the binaries for the OS you want to use, recompile libjitsi with the codec enabled and you should see it in the UI.