Adding "Additional HTML content" on Jitsi Meet welcome page

We try to add additional content on our own Jitsi Meet application, but didn’t succeed.
We added an HTML file into react/features/welcome/components, named : welcomePageAdditionalContent.html

We inserted some html code inside that template, between the template lines

and did npm install and make.

But it is not displaying on our welcome page. There is something to set somewhere else in Jitsi config files, to make it works?

Thanks again for your support

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Try pitting it in static folder. Does it work that way?

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I created the file “welcomePageAdditionalContent.html” in my folder /static of the app.
Same, it is not working.
I continue to have an “empty” code on my welcome page at the part where it need to be.

Oh wait… I’m not sure of what I just says… will test again!

Ok, finaly it is working. I did a mistake : i had empty code on the static file… Sorry for that!

Dear Ziloub,

Please be so kind to point out how you did manage to change the appearance of the welcome page by adding anything to welcomePageAdditionalContent.html

I am experimenting with a debian package install on debian stretch using just jetty. The website does respond to changes in /usr/share (e.g., renaming the favicon file leads to no favicon thereafter). However, I cannot get the website to respond to welcomePageAdditionalContent.html changes in at all. I suspect changes to index.html might be required, such as an include statement. However, none of my tries did have any impact.


Michael Schefczyk

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As the title says, you can add content on the welcome start page of your Jitsi instance in welcomePageAdditionalContent.html . This is shown on top right:

<template id = "welcome-page-additional-content-template"></template>
<div align="right">Use a headset please</div>
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