Adding a timer and spotting a shifting moderator for the discussion

Dear all,
For people with speech impairment (like me), hearing impairment or simply for shy people, video conferencing could be a daunting prospect. In real life, we dodge the problem by using a moderator changing every twenty minutes to calmly distribute speech. The person who wants to say something makes a little sign to the moderator if they want to speak. For now, we have managed to do this with Jitsi by monitoring time ourself and using the chat. But two little additions would bring a lot.

  • A shared timer for everybody to see
  • Some sign signalling who is the moderator
  • A button like a raise hand to call the moderator

A moderator can resign anytime, and we randomly pick the next moderator. Any developer that would like to help to design these features?

These functions are already in place.

  • When the videoconference begins, when there are two or more people, a “clock” appears, indicating the duration of the session, under the name of the room
  • There is a way to raise your hand to indicate that you want to speak
  • A star on the bottom right that indicates who is the moderator
  • The moderator is chosen who enters the room first, and goes according to order of arrival, jumping if you disconnect for more than 10 seconds, for example:

User 1, user 3, user 2, user 1 leaves 5 seconds, re-enter as moderator, user 1 leaves for 15 seconds, the new moderator is user 3 for having arrived earlier.

There is a way to always be a moderator, but I am not sure how it works yet.

Agree the timer is already there and the button is already there (stupid me problem solved). The last problem remains, however, how to change of moderator without disconnexion. In you example user 2 needs to wait for user 1 and user 3 to disconnect.Things become out of control when you have more than 3 users.

In fact even the third problem is not one :slight_smile: It suffices to do a systematic rotation of the moderator. Thank you!