Adding a Feature


We are running well organized NGO. We would like to use Jitsi platform to conduct virtual meets with larger groups of participants. We need a feature in Jitsi windows to have a control over remove participants option. Can you provide a solution for it. Is there any discount for NGO in 8*8 Meet account. Kindly clarify this and guide me to solve this situation.

Hairsh R
Agarthulir Foundation

Welcome to the forum, @Harish_Ram!

Not sure I completely understand your ask. Are you asking for a way to remove participants from a meeting? If so, there’s a “Kick” option. If you’re asking for a way to control who can use that feature, then you have to have “secure domain” implemented.

Not sure of there’s any discount for NGO’s on 8x8, but I’d doubt it. I mean, it’s already just 99 cents a month, can’t think of how much lower one could ask for. Might as well just run your own server.