Add workout timer to meeting?

My gym has been using zoom to do online CrossFit classes together, a key component that’s missing from in-person classes is a timer the host can start so everyone knows how long they’ve taken when they finish.

I’ve got my own instance of jitsi setup, is there any way to Customize to have a timer everyone can see that can be started/stopped? (Not the timer that starts with the conference )?

One option would be inviting a participant/service (like transcribing) that joins and displays a timer as it’s video feed, this would display on web and mobile apps… but not sure where to begin with this or any option, I’m hoping someone could point me in a direction to start reading :slight_smile:

Hi Beacher,

Sorry for the late reply, but maybe it can interess someone with the same need.

I created a Jitsi Timer that allows the conference moderator the start a timer.
Once this is done, the timer will be visible to all conference participants.

That’s great! How do the others see it, does it appear as another camera feed window?

Since this is installed on the server, it is display on all users browsers,once the moderator started the timer.

Currently, it appears as a floating widget that you can move.

Thanks! Last question, I’m assuming this wouldn’t work on the mobile app since it’s an added widget to the site?