Add wildcard certification problem

I want to add my wild card certification to my subdomain but as I search and tried I didn’t get the answer. should I change it in service level or Nginx? I’m using installer certification generator right now but I need to upgrade it to my own wild card certification on it.

I think you should change on NGINX level. Just change the .key and .crt to your own certificate on site-available/ Then reload the nginx. Works for me.

I change them but it didn’t work for me. can you verify the exact address you change them?

What do you mean by exact address? Do you mean absolute path?

Yes, thanks

for you it should be like this: /etc/nginx/site-available/

And can you explain more detail about the error? Is there any error when you run nginx -t ?

As I copy my certification to the address .conf file refrences the Nginx stop working and does not work any more.

its still not enough information. Can you just tell us(or provide a screen shoot) what the error is when you run nginx -t command?