Add sources and javadoc to Maven repository


Please consider adding java source and javadoc jar files to the maven repository. This will help developers drilling down the code when debugging. For the Jitsi projects, that’s very desirable, as there’s a large number of projects that have inter-dependencies.

Adding javadoc and source files to the maven repository can often be done using simple maven configuration, either from the command-line:

mvn clean source:jar install

or by adding snippets like these in a pom file:


I’m not sure what the current publishing mechanism looks like, but I’m willing to help if that makes things easier.


Here’s the official documentation on how to normally attach javadoc and source archives:


Hey Guus!

Your message appears to me to talk about our Maven artifacts in general.

I remember though that you and I have recently been talking about Jitsi Meet SDK for Android artifacts recently. Do you need these first? I’m merely making sure that we’re aligned on your need.


Thanks! It’s actually mostly the smaller artifacts that are used as a dependency of various products. Stuff like the protocol implementatio proving libraries.