Add server turn to jitsi meet

Good morning, someone knows what configurations I should do in my own installation of jitsi meet to configure my TURN server. Currently, my turn server is already configured listening to port 3478 and in test webrtc I pass the tests in relay and srfix but I only need to know what configurations to do in jitsi meet to add this server turn completely thanks for the help

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘completely’ but if by that you mean ‘accessing Jitsi-meet on port 443’ without port 10000, this has been addressed many times already on this forum. Basically you add another entry in your DNS, if, say, your server is, you create another DNS entry like, replace the name in prosody configuration (turncredentials), and (assumed you have only a single server and one IP address) you have to manage the redirection (proxying) to the appropriate port of your coturn server. Using haproxy as an example:

frontend (...)
    acl host_turn ssl_fc_sni
    use_backend coturntest if host_turn

backend coturntest
    mode tcp
    server jitsitest jitsitest:3478

will redirect all access on my server to the container where I run my test jitsi instance (with coturn, it’s the default Debian configuration with TLS ripped out) on port 3478 if the DNS name is
TLS termination is done at the haproxy level in my case.

If you have 2 IP addresses it’s much easier, no need for any redirection.

what happens is that I am following this guide

where it is only indicated to configure in prosody the script turn_credentials.lua and in jitsi web the file config.js

But in each documentation there are different ways to do it, you could tell me that I should configure according to this guide since I currently made the configurations of this guide

but when starting a video call with blocked ports having only the connectivity relay, my turn server does not start working, nor do I see any log records in prosody, all I see is that the following appears in jvb:

Does your turn server have udp port 10000 open to the jvb? I have recently seen some issues with an external turn server in my development servers running unstable but haven’t been able to verify if is code or configuration related.

if you follow a ‘how-to’ written by a person doing basic spelling mistakes (“Enter belwo command”) you should understand that you are trusting a careless individual.

I try to reply questions asked with relevant details on configuration, I don’t care about figuring out what’s wrong in all bad how-tos that can be found on the Internet. If you want prebaked solutions instead of learning networking, you could try to use @emrah stuff that you can find on Github.