Add pointer/pen/highligher in shared screen

I want the guide the partipant using pen/highlighter where to click on shared screens. Can we somehow do that. Annotate Meet is a extension that does it but I haven’t checked inside jitsi. Any solution. any be it a pen on a share screen. Plus how can I easily integrate it inside Jitsi with probably custom JS.

I thought we shared the cursor position Screen Capture don’t we @jallamsetty ?

Yes we do request the browser to capture the cursor always.

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how can we do that, any solution?

Maybe this isn’t supported in some browsers?

can we do it on chrome? Can we highlight something on shared screen?

When you share your screen, other participants will see what you see including your mouse pointer. But Jitsi does not provide any features to draw/highlight on the shared screen.

Not something I’ve tried, but you can probably use third-party tools for that e.g. Epic Pen and ppInk. As long as you share whole screen instead of specific window, it should be visible to other participants too.

Yes, that’s exactly what I wanted. But it would be far more convenient if I integrate the simplest version of the epic pen. Just the pen, cursor, and clear screen inside its. I hope there must be some simplest form of code for that that I can add an additional feature to its toolbar. Can anyone help me with that?

I don’t think it’s possible to implement that from the browser.