Add path into the URL for a degraded mode of Jitsi Meet

In my work team, we tried . However we give up using it because :

  • it doesn’t support Firefox (sound/video loss/freeze)
  • the users can’t install what they want on their computer which belongs to the organization (security policy).

However, Firefox is widely spread in many organizations.

As long we are waiting for a better Firefox-Jitsi performance, could Jitsi Meet provide a specific URL which forces all videos to low definition whatever the server configuration is ?

For example :

For the end user, he/she knows that he/she doesn’t use Jitsi Meet with the best performance. However he/she has a better user experience than just a blank video or no sound.
For all Jitsi servers, it decreases their cpu/bandwidth consumption in case the quality is poor anyway.

Moreover, in case a team would like to be nice for the network (in case of exceptional conditions like Covid-19), then they could choose a LD meeting.