Add H.264 profile to Jitsi VideoBridge


JVB is running fine using VP8, but I’d like to use H.264. The only payload sent in session-initate is a=rtpmap:107 h264/90000. My client is UWP, using the Org.WebRtc project, and only finds local codec support for payload id 125. I’m not using Jitsi Meet, but only Prosody/JiCoFo/JVB. Is there a way to add that profile to the remote SDP?


Hi Colin, there’s a system property that allows you to set the payload type for each codec. For H264 it’s org.jitsi.jicofo.H264_PT.

If, on the other hand, you want to add specific h264 profiles, then you’ll have to modify Jicofo and build it from source. You’ll want to add your changes somewhere around here:



Thank you for your fast and thorough reply. It works. Thank you!