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I’m new to Ubuntu and an university student, I’m trying to learn how to setup a Jitsi meet server with a lot of functionalities that would be useful for hosting lectures, meetings, etc.

I’m running an Ubuntu server on AWS (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and have already configured Jitsi and Jibri with recording and live-streaming.

I have some issue and I hope to have some suggestions from you in order to resolve them

The first issue is with the installation of Etherpad and its integration in a Jitsi meet conference (as an add-in with a button in the functionalities menu during a conference).

Can anyone provide a guide with instructions and detailed steps on how to incorporate Etherpad on the Jitsi meet server?

The second issue is now I am working on (An open source web application like slack) and I installed it under another domain name and I integrate it with jitsi meet my problem is that I want the conversations of chat in jitsi meetings is saved and added as rocket chat channels.

And lastly I want to add the functionality of polls in jitsi meet and I have searched well in the community and elsewhere but without results

Thank you very much and I would love to have your help with its issues.

What problem are you running into with etherpad?

There is no chat integration with rocket chat.

There is no polls feature available.

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Thank you first of all sir @saghul for your answer

And to explain to you:

1- For Etherpad I don’t find a good documentation to follow to add the functionality to Jitsi if you can suggest a good documentation to follow to integrate it I would be so grateful

2- For rocket chat, my goal is to save all the chat messages that take place in jitsi-meet in channels on (For example we launch a meeting on Jitsi and we discuss in the chat after all the messages must save in a channel with the name of the meeting)

3- I know that there is no functionality for polls so I am thinking of integrating an API and then I am faced with a configuration that I cannot find how to approve it

4- And finally I do not find a documentation on the integration of Google Calendar for Jitsi, I found a topic on the same subject and where they dictated this by suggesting a repository but I think the repository is no longer available on github

I thank you again to you sir and to the whole community of jitsi

  1. Etherpad installation and integration on Jitsi - #4 by Prashanth

  2. Web integrations · Jitsi Meet Handbook

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