Add Custom field in interfaceconfig


I am looking to start meeting with some custom fields. I wanted two custom fields ‘webinar’ and ‘isHost’

I added both fields inside interfaceConfigWhitelist as shown below.
Secondly, I added the same fields in interface_Config.js and inside the Toolbox component I simply use the following code to grab the fields data but my custom fields are undefined.
Please guide me if there are any extra steps I am missing.

export default [

Not sure what you are doing there, but you are just exporting an array of strings.


We can initiate meeting through url by passing config parameters likewise startVideoMuted =true or startWithVideoMuted=false etc.
and use it like that;

Now I wanted to add a few custom fields for my app requirement. So my question is if I wanted to add my own fields inside config and can handle these parameters to achieve the desired result.

Something like that.;

Then you also need to add them to configWhitelist.js or the URL parameters will be ignored.

Very interesting ! Where do I find configWhitelist.js and how do I add config parameters that I want to pass via URL ?

Thanks @emrah, how do I use this whitelistconfig ? I have installed Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu, did not build from source code. Is this config file to be placed at some predefined location or to be specified in config.js ?

They are already some examples in this topic

Thank you. I think I misunderstood this comment from Saghul - “Then you also need to add them to configWhitelist.js or the URL parameters will be ignored” and was searching for that whitelisting file. Then I realised that recordingService is already part of standard whitelisting and I had to just pass config.recordingService.enabled=false in the meeting URL if I wanted to disable recording.

Thank you all for your inputs, helped me to find this solution.