Add certificates to new domains

Greetings, I have added new domain names to my jitsi-meet project, but they don’t have https certificate, how could I add new certificates for the new added domains? It’s possible? Or what do you recommend?

use letsencrypt en create a wildcard certificate

how? whit this command?


no that command does not create a wildcard certificate, but one for a single domain.
install letsencrypt, search the web for wildcard certificate creation, but something like this should work:
certbot certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns --server --manual-public-ip-logging-ok -d ‘*’

you must edit your domain dns configuration, add a TXT record (it’s explained by letsencrypt)
and change your webserver config to accept subdomains ad change the certificate entry in there.

ok thanks, I’ll do a little more research on the subject, I’m new to this

I have found this, will it help me?

not sure.
those are internal certificates i think.
maybe this can work on a test machine or something.
i would recommend using real certificates.
i’m not sure how using self signed certificated affects browser compatibility… please use google

The internal domains, are internal, not exposed to the outside world and do not need any valid certificates.

hi @damencho So how would you go about adding a certificate to that new domain?

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