Add api command to toggle Subtitles / closed captions

Would it be very hard to implement this?

Thing is that I’m trying to start cc automatically. I got to do it via the api.invite method (inviting jitsi_meet_transcribe), but since the cc button isn’t turned on by this, transcriber quits after a few seconds.

So, alternativelly, it’d be nice to know ‘where to touch’ so even if all the cc buttons are off, the transcriber doesn’t quit.

Thanks for your help!

This should be jicofo code.

Thanks for responding, Damencho! And merry xmas!

Any clue of how to achieve it? It’s just a temporary thing, for just one server. Should it all need to be recompiled or maybe a lil hack somewhere would do it?

Actually it is in jigasi. You need to recompile it.

Sweet, thank you! I’ll consider that, but since this is quite urgent I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to learn and compile it from scratch.

As a backup idea, do you think it’d be a way to make the variable
transcriber.isAnyParticipantRequestingTranscription() be always true or contain a fixed answer so it passes the test? Maybe hacking it into some lua script in prosody?

Thanks again!

You can hardcode in your clients to always request transcription …