Add an Android Activity to a Jitsi Call

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to Jitsi but I’ve managed to install it and starting customizing it. I’ve created an android app which allows me to show both front and rear camera at the same time using camera2 api and I want to know if it’s possible to add it to the jitsi-meet source code to give to users the possibility, by clicking on a button, to show their front/rear camera at the same time during the call. And if it’s possible can you tell me where in the jitsi-meet source code i can add this feature ?

Thank you very much !

Hi and welcome to our community!

Jitsi Meet is written with React Native, so you’d need to wrap that code to make it available to JavaScript and modify the JS code to show that button.

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Hello, thank you very much for the fast answer ! I’ve planned to modify the js code of an existing button so it’ll be simpler. Just to make sure i’ve understand : I have to wrap my android app code to make it compatible with JS and put it in the code of the button i want to modify ?

(Sorry if my english is bad btw i’m french ahah)

Hey there! Not quite. The SDK code is in JS, so once you modify the JS code you need to rebuild it to get the Android SDK. Please see: Android SDK | Jitsi Meet

oh okay ! thank you very much for the help !