Add a sound when a user enter

I use jitsi on the server abd I would like know if it’s possible add a sound when a user enter in a room
I need this because I use jitsi in a store for videoshopping and I need an advise when a user enter


Jitsi already has a whoosh nose when a participant join

I never listen this sound in my meetings
I will verify why

Sometime s you won’t notice it. But just test you will see

Ok it’s true there is a sound but it’s really very very low
Coud be possible change with a ring or something higer?

You can change /usr/share/jitsi-meet/sounds/joined.wav with a different sound.

But I’m not on my own server
I use
How can I do?

this isn’t possible. consider to host your own server

I don’t like the sound of incoming messages. I replaced it with a sonar sound, the default one is not obvious when we talking in a meeting :