Add a new sharing option


we are currently working on a web development with Angular and want to include a web conference with Jitsi there. Basically, the standard Jitsi variant already has almost all the features we need. However, we would now need one more.

We would like to show a “whiteboard share” button. When the user clicks on it, he gets a selection of whiteboards from our system and can then choose one.

When he selects a whiteboard, the videos should be displayed on the right side and as with screen sharing, the whiteboard should now be displayed in large size.

The whiteboard is then an Angular component that will communicate with all participants via SignalR web sockets.

I have now looked at a few things, but am not sure which way is the best.

The IFrame variant shows the fastest success and allows faster results. However, I have not yet found a way to include a button and then achieve the effect I want above.

The LowLevel variant (lib-jitsi-meet API (low level) · Jitsi Meet Handbook) would probably work, but that doesn’t seem to be done so “fast”.

What would you recommend me? Which way should I go?

Many, many thanks!

What about having the button externally and the whiteboard externally and use iframe. When you turn on whiteboard you can try making iframe one column wide … while in tileview and put it on the side… something like that, wdyt?