Actualizacion Jitsi version 2.0.4857-1


I found that there is an update for the jitsi components that are displayed

ii jitsi-meet 2.0.4857-1 all WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii jitsi-meet-prosody 1.0.4289-1 all Prosody configuration for Jitsi Meet
ii jitsi-meet-web 1.0.4289-1 all WebRTC JavaScript video conferences
ii jitsi-meet-web-config 1.0.4289-1 all Configuration for web serving of Jitsi Meet
ii jitsi-videobridge2 2.1-273-g072dd44b-1 all WebRTC compatible Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU)

but I would like to know what benefits there are in this update, such as if it accepts more participants to videoconferences or if it has better performance, etc.

best regards

We do not have some user friendly changelogs at the moment. But there are some: Changelog of July 21 Stable?
The latest stable has some UI updates around performance and CPU usage which sometimes can affect audio quality.


thks damencho.