Actual state of Safari-Browser Compatibility


it´s my first post in this forum so be patient.
I´m a senior in a gynecologic and obstetric department in germany. due to the corona virus outbreak we have to mimimize personal contacts as e.g. the interdisciplinar cancer boards.

i look for working options in video conferencing and stumbled over jitsi (coming from my home synology ds 918+ with synology chat and its implementation of jitsi).

many of us are using macs and safari. so i have two or three questions. I myself am using a 2019 macbook pro with 10.14.6 and the latest versions of firefox and safari. i don´t need very exhaustive answers, but please be concise.

  1. what is the actual state of safari integration and the plans for the next future as we need video communications? according to apple safari supports webrtc h.264 and vp8.
  2. even if I´m using firefox a message appears that firefox is not fully supported. at least video conferencing is possible. what are the problems with firefox?
  3. is there a way to support the project? At least i can give feedback on using it in a hospital environment.

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We are working on improving Firefox and Safari experience. For now your best shot is to use Chrome.

The problem with Firefox is that sometimes you will not send or receive any streams and need to reload till it is fixed, sometimes several times. Also if you are sending video will slam the others with traffic and the quality will suffer for them and for you.

Thank you for your response. Already installed Chrome. Will give it a try this week.


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Please, what’s the actual state about Safari compatibility ? Audio works OK, but no video :frowning:

Petr Kallen


Bump on Safari support progress?

Just got improved few hours ago on, but there are still few issues we are working on.


I made a complete reinstall on ubuntu 19.10 today and got one step further: now safari users get to the screen when they are asked for camera permissions. Then they show up in the meeting for a second but get disconnected immediately. They see the „something went wrong, reconnecting in 10 seconds“ screen. This repeats on every try. Log just shows that the user left. I then started a single chat with that safari user on and everything worked fine. Is it possible that some fix is not in the ubuntu repo yet or is it a configuration issue?

Any updates on these improvements @damencho? Also on users with safari on Mac still have warnings on suboptimal experience.

Would be great to get an update with an ETA for further improvements.


Yep, we are aware of few problems and we are working on them.

What’s the latest update on this?
Last week when we are having a meeting with a student, she fed back that she was using iPad with Safari, and it turned out that it worked perfectly (I believe she turned on “request desktop site” from Safari). While another student using macBook & chrome brownser, she fed back that mic could not turn on.

It is really confusing now what is the status.

And a further question is, if config.js is set to disableNP, disableAGC, disableHPF, does these option apply to users from Safari in iPad or iMac?