Active speaker


I need to modify the videobridge for internal study.
I need to understand where the videobridge manage the audio channel to understand who is the active speaker.
the final goal is to change the ip channel for audio using a new stream protocol.
do you have information in which class I have to touch to understand these things?
Thank you very much


I’m trying to understand libjitsi.
I’m analysing the class DominantSpeaker, but I don’t understand which part of libjitsi take the audio segment.
do you have information about it?
Thank you


The dominant speaker detection does not analyze audio. It uses audio levels that are added as rtp extension to the audio packets added by the browsers.


Thanks for your answer.
my idea is to use a proxy that redirect the audio traffic from our technology to rtp audio channel.
is it possible to use this strategy?
which port videobridge uses to incoming audio channels?
Thank you


I don’t think this is possible.