Activate Background blur button

Hi, coming from Does lib jitsi meet support blur background? I was wondering why i can see the button if I don’t provide any toolbar input, but can’t if I provide all given in the documentation.

I guess as this is a brand new feature, it is understandable that the interface config (or config, as it is now) might not yet include the key word for it. Can anyone tell me how to activate it? I need a selection of toolbar buttons and can’t provide all.

Edit: I don’t understand why I see all icons (including the background blur) when feeding nothing, but all icons except the background blur when feeding all specified here: jitsi-meet/constants.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Got it, it’s ‘videobackgroundblur’ :slight_smile:

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Have you implemented this feature?Are you using lib jitsi meet?

Yes we’re running a jitsi instance on the latest stable and are using the iframe-api in our frontend. the videoblur works (tho not really as advertised by the blog entry ). it is only available during conversations as has the beta tag next to it. I haven’t found a trace of the key in the docs, but some collegue came up with a merge which mentioned said ‘videobackgroundblur’.
I’m feeding it in both, configOverwrite and config via toolbarButtons and TOOLBAR_BUTTONS respectively

This beta tag was a very old implementation …

Will the background blur function be implemented in a simpler way in the future?

It is already the case.

my infra claims we’re running on the latest jitsi-meet.
Edit: My Infra lied -.- , sorry for wasting your time.